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The Value of Performance

Whatever we do, our instincts urge us to compare ourselves to others. This is what adds meaning to our accomplishments and makes them valuable.

We created a set of exciting technologies to track your own races or official results. Alpin.Digital provides professional grade insights for everyone.

Find and follow your favorite racing championships and stay up to date

Alpin.Digital is more than just a tool. It is an active community enthusiastic about racing.

Immerse yourself in historic tracking data or follow current seasons to keep yourself up to date.

The ultimate number

PEA (Performance Evaluation Algorithm) sits at the heart of Insights.
It analyzes all results and calculates the performance of each contestant over time.

This is the ultimate tool to find an answer to the question: "Who is the best?"

Precise Statistics

Get deeper insights into competitions with comprehensive statistics.

Want to see who's got the highest winning percentage?
Dive into visualized data and see interesting facts and figures.

Track your own competitions

Find out who is the best at the competitions you care most about.

Start private championships for you and your friends, or share your insights and contribute to our community.